Meyerhardt Lodge No. 314 F&A.M.



Meyerhardt Lodge No. 314 F&A.M.

A.D. 2018, A.L. 6018

2017-2018 Officers

Worshipful Master Brother Cabot Rohrer

Senior Warden Brother Terrell Hartman

Junior Warden Brother Jefferson Hoffman

Senior Deacon Brother Tiago Cazeris - Junior Deacon Brother Mike Seden

Senior Steward Brother William McGloin - Junior Steward Brother Mike Pappafotis

Chaplain Brother Frank Vineyard - Secretary Brother Larry Zwahlen

Treasurer Brother Roy Gay - Tyler Brother Bill Whitaker

Director of Work Larry Zwahlen – Associate Director of Work David Green



Committee's & Appointments 

Audit Committee

Chairman Brother Benny Anderson

Brother Jefferson Hoffman

Brother Tiago Cazeris


Chariman Brother Roy Gay

Brother David Green

Brother Bill McGloin 

Relief Committee

Chairman Brother David Grant

Brother Terrell Hartman

Brother Mike Seden

Historian/Masonic Education

Brother Carl Schmoock

Masonic Home Ambassador

Brother Mark Gilstrap

Building & Grounds

Chairman Brother Terrell Hartman

Brother Jefferson Hoffman

Brother Mark Gilstrap

Director of Work

Brother Larry Zwahlen


Brother Richard E. Gibson Jr.